Marc Dalton advocates for the advance of the Harris Road underpass project

As part of a Project Partnering Agreement (PPA), Pitt Meadows has been working with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and Canadian Pacific (CP) to advance the Harris Road underpass project. 


A highlight of his concerns include:

  • CP rail removal as a funding partner
  • How the project costs have ballooned from an estimated 65 million to and estimated 90 million
  • The lack of interest from the Province to contribute any funds towards this necessary infrastructure. In the past the Federal and Provincial governments have contributed funding to key projects even when they technically fall outside of the jurisdiction of that government. A key example is the large contribution the Federal government made towards the creation of the Pitt Meadows Bridge which is clearly the responsibility of the Province. Why now under the NDP is there no longer an interest in working together to fund projects with a clear safety and public interest?