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Can Canada afford to cut larger and larger checks to international corporations to compete with the United States for large projects

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Some of your comments

  1. Health care. But hold the administrators accountable for better policies in hiring nurses and doctors.
  2. Don't spend it, it just adds to our debt and increases taxes. In other words, don't spend what you don't have.
  3. Health Care and Armed Forces to keep us all healthy and safe given the turmoil in the world today. We don't believe in providing Corporate welfare and quite frankly Canada cannot afford to keep up financially to the US. Isn't it about time that Western Canada was given some industry rather than Ontario and Quebec especially since the natural resources are actually out this way?
  4. Thinking in a realistic reality, this $13 Billion dollars doesn't exist . So why worry or offer this kind of thought that will only increase the Canadian Debts ? No help for Volkswagen. I would rather see more money being placed into the Canadian Health Care system
  5. Spend it on National Defense
  6. Investing in local infrastructure is pivotal. We need to be able to produce our good at home, and not rely on imports. Grow our businesses and make Canada self-reliant.
  7. Don't spend it, since Canada is up to its eyeballs in debt
  8. Don't spend it. Full stop!
  9. Health Care, seniors are falling behind, living expenses are harder, do we eat or get our medications???
  10. So a BIG NO !!!
  11. Give tax incentives to Canadian owned companies that create jobs for Canadian workers. Stop dumping tax dollars into companies that are owned by foreign nationals. If the business cannot support itself the rest of society shouldn't be forced to prop it up. The reckless spending by the present government does not represent good stewardship

Doctor & Nursing Shortage

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Some of your comments

  1. Yes -- In 2010 I waited three months to see a specialist.
  2. No --  but I have not needed health care services recently.
  3. Yes -- If it is a specialist one might have to wait. Our doctor works part time so it can be difficult to get in. Although, the office assistants are very kind and do their best to schedule us if there is a cancellation or even a small opening period of time.
  4. Yes -- Before hiring foreign health care workers Let’s get. The Canadian trained health care workers that chose to not take the medical procedure prescribed by the back to work! This is absurd that they haven’t returned to work !!!!
  5. We haven’t but I know of people who have. We have a neighbor who in Jan. or Feb. was told she had a detached eye retina. She has to wait until May 24 or 25 for surgery
  6. Yes -- Months of delay. Poor care. Lack of staff
  7. Yes -- All the time. I can’t get an appointment with my family doctor before 2 weeks of waiting, so I have to go the doctor in charge that day if the walk in clinic. It’s ridiculous. What’s the point of having a family doctor, if I’m unable to see him. And the thing of tele health or phone appointment must be stopped. Doctors are taking advantages and working more hours over the phone then in presence. How can you treat people over the phone?