Expectant Mothers and the CERB

Good NEWS for Expectant Mothers’

As part of the CERB process, applicants are asked if they are pregnant and anticipating going on maternity/parental benefits.  This is to ensure that claims are properly established, and to ensure a smooth transition over to maternity/parental at the appropriate time without having to re-apply.

However, there was a limitation within the CERB system when expectant mothers disclosed they were pregnant: women were being immediately put on EI benefits even if they should have been on the CERB.  This was happening regardless of whether the expectant mother became eligible for EI before or after March 15th.



Look what's new...

We have determined how to address this, which is scheduled to be implemented effective May 8, 2020.

As of May 8th, expectant mothers who should have been receiving the CERB will have their claims converted retroactively to the CERB. Those who had been receiving less than the $500 per week will receive a payment to get them up to the $500. Those who had been receiving more than the $500 per week will not have any money clawed back, but will receive the $500 per week flat rate from the time their claim is converted going forward. The weeks for which they collect the CERB will not impact the number of weeks of maternity and parental benefits they may receive.

To reiterate, we will ensure that expectant mothers affected by this are not disadvantaged and receive their full entitlement of weeks for their future maternity/parental claim – any weeks where they received regular EI benefits when they should have been receiving CERB will be put back onto their account and they will have those weeks available to them when needed once their child is born.


Please let me know if this information is helpful.


Marc Dalton, MP
Pitt Meadows--Maple Ridge