Bill C-372 Oil & Gas

We, the undersigned , concur that such legislation has no place within the fabric of Canadian society. We recognize that there are alternative and appropriate means to address environmental concerns, but enacting laws of this nature only exacerbates governmental intrusion and stifles freedom of expression. While terms like authoritarian and fascists are commonly thrown around today, this legislation epitomizes a totalitarian form of governance. It is not necessary to delve far into our history to uncover instances where governments criminalized the exchange of ideas in order to maintain their hold on power or advance their own agendas, disregarding the objections of their citizens. Dictators frequently employ this tactic. Fidel Castro, for instance, imprisoned individuals who expressed support for capitalism. Similarly, Soviet dictators dispatched dissidents to the gulag for criticizing the communist agenda. This approach has been employed by socialist and authoritarian politicians throughout history, transcending geographical boundaries. When confronted with opposing viewpoints, they resort to making discourse illegal. This bill sends people to jail for advocating that certain forms of oil and gas are better for the environment than others and that the energy sector provides such a benefit to the Canadian economy, and this is fundamentally an attack on free speech.

I support this petition because certain energy sources are more environmentally friendly than others, while also contributing to the Canadian economy. Additionally, I believe that unity within diversity is a fundamental aspect of democracy. Unity does not imply sameness or uniformity, and those who advocate for "forced compliance" as a solution to all conflicts fail to recognize the cherished culture of our democratic society.